LED lighting

תאורת לדים

Kashtan Group provides is customers with diverse LED lighting solutions, including customized lighting fixtures and LED lights from the world’s leading manufacturers. LES is a light-emitting diode and this technology enfolds multiple advantages, including:


1.            Focused lighting that can be adjusted on a narrow spectrum.

2.            Withstands shocks and changing environmental conditions.

3.            35,000 – 50,000 hours’ life expectancy that improves under optimal environmental conditions and dedicated lighting fixtures

4.            High efficiency

5.            Front of lighting fixture does not heat up and is therefore safe and easy to maintain

6.            LED does not stop working, only loses its brightness over a lengthy period of time

7.            LED provides maximum lighting power within seconds.


Our team of consultants is among the most experienced in design and characterization of LED lighting in projects. Our portfolio includes many well-known projects such as the Petah Tikva stadium lighting, interior lighting for City Bank, interior and exterior lighting for Cinema City, Rishon Lezion, Ikea Israel’s offices in Netania and many more.

Projects and the story behind them

Em HaMoshavot Stadium

Em HaMoshavot Stadium

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