Emergency lighting

תאורת חירום

Central, controlled emergency lighting provides a response to the law relating to maintenance and inspection of operation of emergency lighting that says: “A public facility will undergo current maintenance, be kept in working order, and undergo an inspection at least once a year.” Emergency lighting in most public buildings is not maintained in the proper quality or frequency required due to manpower, resources and priority issues. This usually leaves emergency lighting fixtures for breakage maintenance only. In fact, when emergency rises only 10 percent of all emergency lighting fixtures in a building are in operating condition. Kashtan Group offers several solutions for this issue, including emergency lighting fixtures with controlled LED lights, central emergency systems, control system for independent fixtures or fixtures fed from a central emergency system. Controlled lighting systems conduct a series of initiated tests that conform to legal requirements. Using the system, one can detect various malfunctions in real time and provide preventative maintenance instead of breakage maintenance, thus ensuring the emergency lighting will operate in true emergency. Use of a central controlled emergency system also greatly raises reliability level ensuring the building has reliable, safe response in case of emergency but almost without requiring maintenance.


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